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First phase of M1 Midlands smart motorway opens
November 17, 2017



Scrapping old diesels in urban areas ‘won’t impact pollution’

The RAC Foundation has said new research suggests that scrapping the oldest cars registered in urban areas would have a negligible effect on air quality. ... Read more

Coroner questions risk-based pothole policy after fall kills cyclist

A coroner has warned that a council’s new ‘risk-based’ policy on the repairing potholes will 'increase the risk of future deaths'. Read more

‘Innovative’ Operation Stack plan mooted as lorry park dropped

Ministers have reaffirmed their commitment to a permanent alternative to Operation Stack after dropping plans for a lorry park at a specific location, but Highways England is ... Read more

Motorway traffic lights trialled

Tests have begun on a £7m Highways England pilot project to reduce congestion on the M62 using electronic information signs and variable mandatory speed limits, combined with traffic lights on the motorway link roads from the M6. Read more

Combi Flex spreader trialled in Scotland this winter

Aebi Schmidt is trialling a new Combi Flex spreader with Transport Scotland this winter, following a series of successful runs in Scandinavia over the last 12 months. Read more

Pothole warning as social care eats up councils’ cash

Council-maintained roads look set to deteriorate after council leaders claimed that by 2020 almost 60p in every pound of council tax revenue could be spent ... Read more

£1.3m A9 ground investigations contract awarded

Fugro Geoservices Ltd has been handed a £1.3m contract for the Glen Garry to Crubenmore stretch of the A9 dualling project, covering ground investigations over a 12-mile section of the route. Read more

Hats off as Hatton Traffic Management moves into VRS

North East traffic management company Hatton Traffic Management is extending its services as it aims to drive significant growth over the coming year. Having successfully ... Read more

Highways England launches new health and safety passport system

Highways England has launched a new Health and Safety Passport scheme, with workers required to hold a personalised smart card that must be scanned on entering a work site to assure competency, qualification and fitness. Read more

Hammond ‘planning tax rise for new diesels’

The chancellor is preparing to put higher taxes on new diesel vehicles in this month’s Budget in a move to tackle toxic air pollution, it has been reported. Read more

Stonehenge: Highways England sets £1.6bn limit

A senior Highways England official has said that its plans for a tunnel at Stonehenge are constrained by an affordability limit set by the Government, ... Read more

Delayed Pennine schemes ‘still in RIS’, despite £72m cost rise

A package of transpennine upgrade schemes from Highways England has seen a £72m increase in costs, while further preparatory work still needs to be done ... Read more

Drivers want end to bumps, dips and potholes on SRN

Drivers on the SRN want road surfaces without dips, bumps and potholes, with clearer white lines and ‘cats eyes’, and repairs affecting safety carried out ... Read more

FM Conway sets ‘new benchmark’ with 50% recycled aggregate on A40 scheme

Infrastructure services company FM Conway is claiming a new benchmark for recycling in the highways industry with a landmark project on the A40 with Transport for ... Read more











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