Thousands being chased after failing to pay Dart Charge

More than 55,000 penalty charges remain unpaid from December after drivers failed to pay the Dart Charge at the Dartford Crossing.

Over 18,000 foreign drivers are being chased by a European debt recovery agency after failing to make payment.

The Highways Agency said that more than 90% of chargeable journeys made at the Crossing during December have now been paid for.

130,306 penalty charge notices have been sent to drivers who used the crossing in December without paying, which has resulted in a further 73,898 payments being received. First time contraventions include an offer of an extra 14 days to pay the crossing charge without penalty.

Highways Agency project director Nigel Gray said: “These figures show drivers are getting to know and understand Dart Charge, and is that our approach of offering drivers an extended period to pay any vehicle’s first crossing charge is getting the right results. The vast majority of drivers are paying Dart Charge and each day this continues to rise.

“It’s great that well over half a million drivers have registered for a Dart Charge account and are benefitting from discounted crossings. This means that in many cases drivers are paying less to use the Crossing now than before Dart Charge was introduced. I urge anyone who uses the Crossing more than a couple of times a year to sign up for an account and benefit from savings.”

Dart Charge was introduced on 30 November 2014 to help speed up journeys at the Dartford Crossing by removing the need to stop at a barrier to pay the crossing charge. Instead, drivers can pay online, by phone or at one of thousands of retail outlets nationwide.

However, according to a BBC report some users of the Crossing have experienced problems with the new system. Complaints have centred around delays and failures of the computerised system for setting up accounts to pay the new Dart Charge.

Gray admitted that the Agency had been “experiencing teething problems” and told the BBC: “The scheme is delivering significant benefits to most drivers. We are dealing with up to 140,000 crossings a day so it would be most surprising if we didn’t get some hiccups.

“We are working really hard to try and improve the service but it is still very early days for us.”

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Why should there be a charge at all?
By removing the infrastructure for charging, policing and debt collecting, would any charge still be required?
Without charging there would be free flowing traffic and save users time and money as well.
Old school thinking, toll roads belonged in the 17th century. Some people look back too fondly at money grabbing systems whilst they are grabbing it for themselves.

Do the maths…if the reported 15% ( of drivers fail to understand or have opportunity to pay, then the revenue of the crossing is increased by 405%, over 4 times as much! It pays the government to keep this vague and unworkable for the driver.

It’s utterly wrong that they changed the charging method on a national / international route without making it clearer *on the road* what it costs to make the crossing. I use it less often than once a year and was looking for a sign with a price on it when I crossed last christmas. When I didn’t see one, I assumed it was free for the holiday / during the transition to a new system. It can’t be right that the first time you know you’ve incurred a debt is when you receive a penalty for not paying it.

Get the signs right. Send invoices, not penalties for the first unpaid crossing by each vehicle.

Totally agree with you Sean. I also use the crossing only occasionally. I knew the charge had changed but as I went thorugh I didn’t see signs, in either direction. I was expecting to recieve an invoice. I noted in my diary to chase it up if I didn’t get one after two weeks. When I chased it up I was shocked to find out that you have an obligation to pay within 24 hrs, even if you didn’t receive any advice or invoice. On top of that, there is no clear way to complain in writing and you have to give Dart Charge credit payments by registering with them. They now have £20 of my money to invest until I go through the crossing next time. They also have my credit card details, which I don’t want. To think that this is run by the Government is very disappointing, but I suppose not surprising with their poor record of project management and shifting obligation to the people they are supposed to serve.

Exactly Sean…I’m one of those who just received a penalty notice for a crossing made around Easter.
Nowhere to pay, no informative signs anywhere.
And then you get £35/£70 letter in your letterbox…

You’re right guys! there’s no sign or toll gate to stop and pay. or sign that i have to pay to cross the bridge. this is ridiculous and stupid. now i have to pay £35/70 instead of paying £2.50 if they put a toll gate!

I have just made a trip over the crossing on a Friday, returnign on Sunday. I hadn’t appreciated I should pay within 24 hours until I was on the M25. As I was not near the internet where I was staying I have paid for two trips on the following Monday. Am I now to expect a fne??

I think that if there is no sign, there can be no charge. There can never be a justification for sending out a fine for breaking the law if the law is not published.

This has just happened to me and I am just paying it and forgetting it, It is a ludicrous system and I simply will not bother dealing with customers in this area. Hopeless system badly run. I wish you luck on your appeal most sincerely

I received and successfully made representations against my PCN for our holiday return in jan 15. Queried why they had missed my outward journey. Now, three months later just received a second PCN for the outward journey. The system is clearly flawed, as a paid in advance. Making representations against incorrect PCNs must be costing a staggering amount of admin time for both the customer and dart charge. A great example of a poorly designed and poorly executed system, maximising inconvenience for all and wasting money. I would welcome a chat with whoever is responsible. Anyway I have now issued my own PCN to Dart charge and given them 14days to pay.

Hi Jeff, just received a PCN for a journey on 4th Dec which i have a receipt for. I know it’s the correct payment for that journey as i’ve only been over it twice since it changed to this flawed system. Seems strange that the receipt and web checker shows my car reg number as does the PCN but the flawed system cannot corellate these two pieces of information! My Representation to them on grounds that their system is flawed also includes an invoice from my company for wasting 2 hours compiling the receipts for payments and completing their forms. lets see what their excuse is if they dont want to pay my companies wasted time invoice. I’ll give then 28 days to pay my bill before issuing them with County Court proceedings 🙂

How about this… I was doing a friend a favour over the New Year by doing a few trips that meant using the crossing. I suggested my friend set up a Dart account and put my vehicle on it (together with hers). Unfortunately she confused the letter O and number 0 when inputting my Reg.
The first I knew about it was in March when the first, of so far 10, PCNs arrived. Mistake noticed. Payment of £2.50 a crossing made as single payments. First representation accepted. Still waiting to hear about all the others. No way of talking to anyone apart from the payment call centre – who are not even the same organisation as the people who deal with the PCNs!
Waiting for the postman now to see if he has any more little brown letters for me!


Have received a PCN for a crossing I did not make. Have disputed it, but not heard anything back in 6 weeks. Rang Dart Charge, PCN still outstanding, causing me distress. No way to contact the people dealing with disputes, no email or tel number. No details about complaints procedure. Not good enough,

I like your style Jeff. My husband was sent a Penalty Charge Notice on 13th April 2015 saying he did not pay the DART Charge on 10th December 2014 on an outward journey. He has proof on our joint bank statement that this amount was prepaid online before he travelled that same day. He sent a copy of our bank statement with the completed PCN form by return via first class post on 14th April 2015. Yesterday he received another penalty charge notice relating to his inward journey on that same day (10th December 2014). This had also been paid for (because on the date in question,10th December 2014, he paid for a return journey). We accordingly, once again, attached a copy of our bank statement with the completed PCN form and posted it first class. The outward journey notification issued 10/04/2015 was replied to via first class post on Monday 13th April 2015 and the inward journey notification Issue dated 13/04/2015 was replied to via first class post yesterday. This has caused my husband a great deal of unnecessary stress, he suffers ill health with a heart condition. My husband followed thoroughly the online payment procedure, he did the right thing yet despite this, since the arrival of the two separate PCNs he is instead experiencing sleepless nights worrying about being fined!

I have just received – at the end of April – a PCN for a single journey over the bridge in December. We have bank evidence that we paid on the day, but now have to make representation to Sanef (the company the governement use for the money side of it) to prove that we did pay.

Having had a trip to France for a short Easter holiday, we’ve just received a penalty notice telling us that we’ve committed an offence. Fortunately, by paying the charge retrospectively, we can avoid the £70 penalty.
My gripe is that I never saw any CLEAR sign telling me that the system of online payments/prepayments applied. We last travelled over the river two years ago and stopped to pay a toll at the southern end of the bridge. When the barrier simply went up as we reached it, we assumed the charge was suspended during the roadworks that were in place at the time. I honestly did NOT see any signs (nor did my wife) on the approach to the crossing; I was busy watching the road, getting in the correct lane, avoiding traffic that was switching lanes around me, etc.
I have no problems with paying a toll if that’s what the system is but I am not happy about systems being put in place that make it so easy to commit an offence unwittingly.
By the way, I’m a simple northerner who travels south only occasionally.

We would have been happy to pay, in fact searched for signs/booths/payment options but found none. It was our first trip on the bridge (having paid at the booths previously when using tunnel side)… 2 months later a bill has landed for £72.50 with a VERY unclear option of paying £35 or possibly £2.50! Sadly I know MANY elderley people who would panic and pay the FULL whack. I would have been more than happy to pay at the time and deeply resent receiving a warning letter!

I had the same issue with no clear signs over December/January and no knowledge of the change
I paid the penalty charge and was told to submit representations.
I did so almost 3 months ago and have received no response. I wrote twice more and still no response.
Called Dart charge and they said they have a big backlog. They also said that a sub contracted company called LSL deal with penalties and correspondence. They have no agreement on time frames for responses and I quote ‘there is no timeframe, it could be a week or months, we have no control over this’

They are only efficient at sending out charge penalties but have no customer service provision in place. The letters are issued under a Department of Transport logo so must be regulated/accountable. Just maybe an MP will take this scandalous mess up? I feel for people who fall could of this new scheme where the penalties are very considerable and cannot afford to just pay it and move on. Very poor implementation, no joined up communication and the Dart staff are clearly trained to the most basic standard.

Any MP want to take this issue up before it snowballs into an even more embarrassing mess??
Perhaps a Dart charge executive may read these replies and take something on board?

My wife & I receved a PCN for a car that wasnt ours! The machine read the licence plate wrong by one digit. We were told the only way to deal with it was in writing therfore costing us time and money for something we had no control over. We recived a letter back saying we were right and no charges were made but when we thought it was all done and dusted weve since recived too more PCN for that same car!? The system simply does not work!!!

This has just happened to me! Last weekend I received a penalty for July and today just received another for September. I’ve sent back stating its not my car an the D is acutely a G. This is totally crazy

I have just received my tenth (!!!) PCN !! first four I had voided as I could prove I had called to make payment and payment taken ..but of course that meant four appeals in writing .. then the next time I crossed I did a one off online payment .. I get PCN in post x 2 for that journey and currently appealing in writing .. so have now I set up account for them to take money when I cross and now I have just received 5 more as money never taken !! so have had to write 5 more appeals?!
three different methods of payment but everytime PCNs whats going on.. I called to speak to them but they not interested and unhelpful and just tell me to appeal in writing but how does that help for future crossings if I cannot find out why I get PCN every time I cross no matter how I pay?

I just received a penalty notice for a crossing I made both ways last month. I am disputing it because I was never informed that I had to pay by either calling a number or logging onto a website. They can’t punish me for something i had no idea I was getting punished for. There was no signs informing me of price or payment method. If i had received a bill or invoice then i would have happily paid. I’ll see what happens!

Have you had luck with them?
I just received a pcn that had occured in septembre and we are in december
I want to challenge it
As i did not not see any signs etc…
Please help
We are talking real money £37.50

i have just recieved a PCN for one part of my journey in May which I tried to pay for online and the connection went down whilst going through but as far as I was concerned i had paid for whole trip within the 24hrs. The next week i made a further 3 trips across and so I went for the option of paying all outstanding trips (thinking that by putting my registration if the last payment had not gone through I could settle it) – WRONG, I have only rcvd a PCN for one part of the journey. I tried to contact someone initially with no luck – elderly people have no chance with this system.

We have received a PCN for a trip which we have paid for. I telephoned today twice trying to get this rectified and asking to speak to a manager. We paid for 3 crossings but only used 2 so we should be in credit. The PCN only mentions one crossing and I was told by the representative we will probably receive another for the other crossing. Both representatives refused to put me through to a manager. I was told by one that payments were dealt with by another company and the other said they were dealt with by another department, so information not consistent. The representative on the first call suggested that I pay £5.00 today for the 2 crossings and they would then refund me the £7.50 and this would prevent any further notice being taken against me. How can this be correct they make an error and I am expected to pay more money when I should already be in credit. I live in Cornwall and do not expect to use the Crossing in the near future. I asked for details of their ombudsman to complain to and was told there wasn’t one. Surely it is against the law to send this kind of threatening letter to a customer incorrectly and not be expected to sort it for them, but insist on the customer having to write in. I was told by the first representative that errors occur occasionally but was not given an apology. Having seen all the previous comments on this page it would appear that errors happen more than occasionally so why is it that after all these complaints the representatives are unable to put a hold on the accounts to stop innocent customers receiving these threatening letters.

I set up an account with £10 last autumn as I live near the crossing although I don’t often use it. I made one return journey on 7th January 2015, using up £3.34 of my £10. I have now received a notice claiming that I have made other journeys and that my account has no money left, as well as demanding a fine. I looked up my account to clarify when they were claiming I had used the crossing and every category listed came up as ‘no data available’. What a pathetic system, which we are all paying for, along with the demands for payments which exist only in the operators’ imagination.

Paid my dart charge before Xmas holiday ,went over in December back in January ,had a PCN sent to me,then had to prove I’d paid it,pointed out that it was a return but you guessed it got another PCN for return journey.!Just make it free or pay at the toll ,are all those non UK drivers going to pay ,I don’t think so,there must be a better way.

We registered 3 vehicles to our account, one being a hire vehicle we were to use for one week a few days later. In late May I noticed we had been charged for a journey in the hire vehicle prior to the account being set up or for that matter prior to taking possession of the vehicle. 3 emails and 3 lengthy phone calls later still no where, despite sending proof of hire for the relevant period, nothing has been done. Staff will not provide details of complaints department or managers etc. This is a very poor ill -thought out system that needs resolving. The latest member of staff claimed it was in their terms that if we register a vehicle and there was previous journeys then it was our responsibility to pay for them…. really I don’t think so. it is a petty sum that is costing an inordinate amount of my time to resolve. It is now a principle that the money is returned to our account and compensation will be sought if this continues.

travelled north on 19/05/2015, went through the barrier, travelled south on same day-no barriers-paid £2.50 that night, then received a dart charge warning letter because I didn’t pay for the return journey-no barriers-thought it was free.

paid another £ 2.50 for the priviledge, total bloody rip-off, we have paid for this bridge 100% plus, apparently there were no barriers southbound because of “roadworks”-not my problem…

I have an online account. Only make occasional journeys from Essex to Kent to see my dentist. I made a £10 payment to dart charge in March that was never allocated to my account. It came out of my bank…was never returned. But never showed on my dart charge account, there are pages of the £10 in and out, the payment was never refused or returned. Contacted them about this lots of times, probably spent in excess of 2 hours on phone and was always promised a call back within 48 hours, it never happened. Then one day, beginning of June I went onto my account to see if they had sorted it out and noticed that the account name was now “Clive and Sharon” O’keefe. My name is Carol. Then when I looked further there was a vehicle registered to my account that was not mine and ithad made crossings and the account was now in arrears. Called dart charge and omg they would not speak to me because I was not the named person on the account (Clive or Sharon’s) despite fact I was calling them from the mobile number registered on MY account. Was infuriating! I then spent further phone calls and it was finally admitted that someone had called them and changed the name in the account and added the vehicle. They promised me that all this would be “escalated” and that I would get a call back from them within 48 hours. I didn’t. I called them again and they said, sorry someone had needed to listen to the phone call etc but hadn’t but they would sort it out straight away. I explained I wanted to cancel the online account as was now concerned that someone else had access to all my personal details, but didn’t want to do this right now as had made a crossing that wasn’t on my account yet and could imagine the complications…penalty etc! Hard enough trying to sort all this out! They promised me that my £10 (that they have basically stolen) would be paid back to my account and the cock up with my online account would be sorted. I asked that they emailed me back to confirm this, which they did. Now 10 days later none of this has been actioned. I have contacted the police about this as although petty amounts of money, to me this is fraud. Have not taken anything further as yet but will do if this is not sorted in the next couple of days. Unbelievable, government website and set up, am so stressed It all.

Having now Received 2 PCNs for a return journey which was paid for in advance And checking the dart web site which clearly shows payment made the day before the first journey was made The web site also shows that the vehicle Made 2 crossing at exactly the same time Its seams to me that the system is not fit for purpose Sent off the appeal notice after having spent time etc finding the info required to prove payment was made Hope they will reimburse for my time to rectify there mistakes or do I have to send them a pcn

Having now Received 2 PCNs for a return journey which was paid for in advance And checking the dart web site which clearly shows payment made the day before the first journey was made The web site also shows that the vehicle Made 2 crossing at exactly the same time Its seams to me that the system is not fit for purpose Sent off the appeal notice after having spent time etc finding the info required to prove payment was made Hope they will reimburse for my time to rectify there mistakes or do I have to send them a pcn
Payment date 21/05/2015

Payment amount £6.00

You have made crossings against the payment as follows:






22/05/2015 18:08 The A282 Trunk Road Dartford Crossing Southbound Class C £3.00
22/05/2015 18:08 The A282 Trunk Road Dartford Crossing Southbound Class C £3.00



Crossings are valid for 1 year from the date they were paid for.

I only go over the bridge once a year, there and back. Last time I used it it had a toll booth. I am from up north so had no idea it had changed, I was looking for the booth and toll charges. I have now received one penalty notice so went online to pay it. It shows both journeys but only the £3.00 each way charge. It shows nil in the “penalty” section so I have just paid the £6.00 as it will not let me pay anymore. Can the government make me pay the penalty charge if their stupid system will not let me do it online?

Hi There,

Did you ever hear anything back? Ive just got a PCN through the post, logged on to see what it asks for and it asked for £2.50, no option to pay anymore… i just paid it.

Chris mckay

I thought the original tolls were to pay for the crossing. Has it not been paid for yet?
If not, when will tolls finish?

We just received a Dart charge through our rental company for a journey on July 2, 2015. As a Canadian we saw no signs knew nothing about this and our car rental place certainly did not alert us to any such accounts that would need to be paid. And being an English speaking person I clearly do not understand the English written letter from the car company either. How frustrating – we could say we won’t pay as we might never return except the rental place has our Visa card number. 🙁 Stupid!! Plus it is twice the amount since our dollar is so low. Disgruntled visitor to London and England.

My company was sent a PCN with photo’s which clearly shows that the number plate and type of vehicle is incorrect, I have now spent a life time on hold through the day before my phone call was answered to be told that it was a human error.
I would like to see a contact number on paperwork for when they get it wrong.

Highway robbery at the end of the day and they dont care. The system is flawed and they couldnt care less. It was supposed to improve the flow of traffic and it hasnt. Its a cash cow, pure and simple and that is what they care about.

I made a crossing in April and forgot to make the payment. I received a PCN through the post in May that allowed me to just pay the crossing charge as it was my first time using the crossing since the changes come into place. I made the payment 3 days after receiving the PCN and thought that was it.
Upon returning home on 10th October, i received another PCN through my letter box for £107.50 stating that I did not make the first PCN notice. I called their call centre and advised of this and was told that I had to provide proof even though i had paid it. They wanted me to send in – as they didnt have an email address – proof of payment via my bank statement. Advised that I didnt have a printer to print this off and would mean a trip to my bank! Was advised by a very rude man (for which a complaint has been registered – surprise surprise no response yet even though i was told 48hrs). Do these companies not live in the 21st century? On my 3rd call to them – i was advised of an email address!!!!
Called them back today and was advised that they had received my representation, however, this would take them 56 days to respond!! So how comes I get 14 days to pay a fine yet they get 56 days to respond to my representation?
As far as I am concerned, this matter is closed – lets see what they come back with shall we…….

I’m suffering exactly the same threats, bullying and harassment from them and have wasted considerable, time, energy and cost in not yet having this resolved.

Looking at this site , i see quite a lot of issues wth their system .
In my case i was driving my daughters car and duly paid the £ 2.50 online .
My daughter then received a pcn for non payment of the crossing .
I managed to get through to them (not easy)and told them that i had already paid and sent them proof of payment etc which they acknowledged .
They then said that i had paid for the wrong car ? i had entered the wrong info .
Strange as the number plate should come with the registered owner which i had entered.
i tried to go on line to see this data, however it did not recognise my email or password ,
which i told they dont hold any data , and only info is stored for account holders
So i could not access this data for a one time payment (i live abroad and would only use it occasionally so no point is setting up an account.
Despite them recognising the payment i had made they refused to give me any details of the information of what i had entered of the car ?saying that they could not becauseof the data protection act . I informed them that it was my data i had entered but they refused to give it to me ?
They then said that they would reconcile the payment to correspond with my daughter car details
14 days later my daughter received another fine, this time with an escalated fee .
I called again and was told to pay for the car again and the fine whilst it would be sorted and they would again reconcile the payment to the correct car details , then reimbuse me ?.
I explained that as i had paid already why do i need to pay again , especially a fine that was not due ?
I wote an email to them again explaining clearly the situation and they informed me that they would have to get approval from the highways agency to switch the payment to my daughters car.?
as you can imagine after 6 weeks to be told its being sorted out then getting this statement , your confidence of any customer complaints procedure working is not high.
despiteafter 3 calls and 3 emails ,again being told it would be sorted out
Guess what yesterday my daughted received another PCN with again a final warning for payment
and 14 days to pay .

I dont know how i can pay for another car, The number plate should reconcile to the owner and i certainly would not have paid for somebodyelses car .
They wont show me what the error is or discuss it, but know i have paid?
If the car owner i the one i had paid for ? had also paid agin this would show up on their details .
The fact is they know i have paid , they dont seem to be able to correct things in the system easily
and stop these PCN requests being sent out in Error
i run a business which has toprovide god customer service and i would never push back any isses problems which can be computer errors back to a customer , in order to handle a complaint its important to show the customer if an error has occured how and why its happened any put in place any remedial action to prevent it happening again.

There should be an independant authority which should settle any of these issues before they start to escalate and fine innocent people , with a time period of 2 weeks to settle any complaints.
I would appreciate if any other people have experience this as now i am thinking of escalating my issue to their director Nigel Gray , and i am thinking if there are lots of these issues maybe watchdog should be involved ?

Well why am l not surprised. Yet another example of hidden taxation.l wonder who got a pay rise out of this ?

Quite amazing, like a confidence trickster, I was forced in the first place to use that route, because the exit road to the Ibis Hotel has been fenced off, there is no obvious notice to say it has been closed except a Road Works Sign. What a lousy Con, and countless hours of office administration,is pathetic. Vote UKIP.

just received £210 of penalties for the day it started, 16/11/2014, definitely did not receive their first penalty notices they state sent on 29/12/2014, I could almost swear I was offered chance to pay the charge late as it was the first day and I find I paid £5 on 2/1/15, plus £2.50 a couple of days earlier being one day time crossing on Xmas day. I go abroad for several weeks tomorrow early and have no idea how to contact these idiots!!! Disgrace.

I take it all back – within 10 minutes I have called them, got through to a really helpul guy who agrees I paid the £5 but apparently didn’t quote the penalty notice numbers so I just need to write to appeal and explain this and all sorted – magic!

Has anyone had problems with them not taking money from credit card regarding auto top up? We set the account up around May this year. Then received fines. When I spoke to them they said that we were not set up for Auto top up. I distinctly remember doing this. Also if you dispute the PCN, they have 56 days to reply. So what happens if they decide it has to be paid ?? do you then have to pay the higher amount? This system is disgraceful, and they are unable to synchronise from one part of their system to another.

For me it’s pure robbery!I was traveling to the Europe in August this year.I was ready to pay,but was surprised with the barriers raised up.I traveling to Europe once a year,so last time I was there when barriers were working in 2014.Today I received warning letter with my payment options-£37.5 in 14 days or £72 if I won’t pay in two weeks.I was coming back from that trip two weeks later so I will receive another fine or I should pay first one plus £2.5 for return?Anyway for the first time should be some letter with explanation not penalty!I think me and the rest people who didn’t know about it would pay £2,5 no doubt!It’s just money making machine that’s what it is!!!

I experience the same as some previous posters did. Crossed Dartford Crossing both ways on 01/02/2015. It was the first time I ever used it, without realising it’s toll hence didn’t pay. Received 2 PCNs dated 05/03/2015 on 07/03/2015. Within the PCNs it said that because it was the first time I used the crossing, if the road user charge £2.5 was paid in the next 14 days then no need to pay the fine. My husband used his credit card to pay £5 in total on their website on the same day I received the PCNs, but no receipt was received. I called the number on the PCN straight away to confirm receipt and they said it takes time for payments to clear and I shouldn’t worry. Thinking it had been settled, I tossed the PCNs in the paper cutter. Today (or I should say yesterday because it’s passed midnight), I received 2 Charge Certificates each for £107.5! Reason being “No representation was received against the Penalty Charge Notice and full payment has not been made within the prescribed period”. I checked the credit card statement and the £5 paid on 7 March to Dart Charge was cleared on 9 March. Called them straight away, and the guy said if I had proof that I have paid just send them a representation. It’s unbelievable how crapped their system is!

We are having major issues with a number plate similar to our one,we keep getting the fines because the other party doesn’t pay their way , the car in question is a LEXUS We drive an AUDI. On the photo you can see its a LEXUS, we have phoned 3 times but all you get is a robotic response and more angry, we have our receipts for our trips ,but they are not interested

I have regretfully given in (and have paid the £37.50 for fear of it escalating out of control) trying to complain about this dart charge fiasco. Although dart charge has the department for transport logo printed on the top right hand corner of all its literature it is operated by a company called SANEF on their behalf. SANEF is a French company.
Something needs to be done about this situation as the driving public are being conned into paying excessive fines for a badly managed system ( or maybe not as they are clearly making huge profits from this).
At my expense I will not be making the same mistake again.

New system -absoliut rubish.I am dealing nealy year….I payd in advance £12 and recyve 4penaltys. Cannot log in to mine account and do not know mine balance.So send email and explain everthing but mail email was lost… wery bad bad bad bad system 🙁

Purchased a secondhand car. Tried to input the registration into the Dart charge account for automatic payment. Not successful because the car is described as exempt. Spoke to DVLA and they said previous owner of the car was registered as disabled and hence exempt. DVLA sends information on status of cars to Dart Charge once every 3 months and this quarterly date is not available. Spoke to Dart Charge to ask if the registration can be changed from exempt. No. How do I register? I can’t. Not until the DVLA sends the information to Dart Charge and they update their systems. When will this be? Can’t tell me. Until some random date I cannot pay and after this random date I have to pay.
Thank goodness I live in Devon.


If it’s your FIRST occurrence, and you have gone through without paying please read on…

You will receive a ‘Dart Charge; Penalty Charge Notice’, just as I did.

Ring the contact centre number (Cannot be found anywhere on the letter, google it)

First timers just need to stress they were unaware, haven’t crossed before (They will know this)

They will waiver it, providing your registration number has not flagged up before.

Don’t ring them to pay £35.00 + £2.50, do mention that it is your first occurrence, else they will just charge the full whack.

I got 2 PCN’s, all journeys were paid for. In contesting I was told I had done 10 crossings but only paid for 8. I did not. I have asked for proof, nothing just more penalty letters. I paid up front for my next 2 crossings. I also opened an account and added £10. This week I made 2 crossings which they took from the account. What happened to the other 2 I paid for up front. Vanished into the coffers of the inefficient company that is running this sham of an attempt to ‘make life easier for us all’. When ever I have phoned, either the system is down or I’m told that the penalties have been cancelled. I’m thinking that it will be less hassle to go round the M25 the other way. More economical too. We need help from someone to sort this mess.

As most still state there is no clear signage except for the large “C”.
It does not detail the fee for each vehicle nor does it give guidance on how/when to pay.
Those local and frequent commuters maybe aware but those less frequent are not.
I have fallen into the latter – paid my unknown fee 3 days after the return crossing as I was able to find the website.
Transpires I now have a PCN.
I have submitted my appeal but also raised this with my local MP who is taking it further.
It is more the non aware/vulnerable other drivers who would not be aware they can appeal and pay the fee that I feel sorry for.
Big fan of change but this has been done with little UAT it would seem.

I have just recieved a demand for £107.50 having not received any previous communication whatsoever for a crossing nearly 6 months ago with absolutly no right of appeal as i have not responded to the notification of a charge that i never received ! Has anybody else had a similar experence ?

Yes my charges went to the previous owner of my car, in Derby. The crossing agency had my number but did not call. There are far to many failings/faults in this system. They use an apparent state of the art system with an archaic response and notification method – neither actually work efficiently

can anyone tell me if this is the law or contract law. the bridge its paid for by tax payers. also what is the road tax for isn’t this a road. I am going to argue that we all have the freedom of movement. I was traveling not for profit or gain.

I’ve received a Dartford crossing fine for £150 I had to Google it to see where it is I live in Shropshire never been to this area phone number and told to write in as fine would go higher my reg begins with D mistaken for O my car mini big estate car on fine photo. Anyway my husband paid fine because I was so frightened of court action or bailiffs knocking on my door I’m hoping to get my money back I won’t let it rest is there anyone who can help we are pensioners and this money is a lot to us no on at the number given wants to help just told I have to wait 56days for reply. HELP

What was explained to me very vaguely was, if you make a crossing and your vehicle isn’t picked up on the emissions sensor it will not show on the system, so when you go online to pay in the allotted time you have to pay it will not show until someone at the crossing has manually processed your crossing, by this time your pay period has elapsed and you automatically will receive a PCN – £35 surcharge per crossing is ludicrous, it puts unnecessary stress and worry on those using the tunnel, not to mention the financial implications. For people that have no other option than to use the bridge is yet another money hording ploy by our government who continue to penalise the average working citizen, domestic or foreign, in a society that is already crippled by low wages and increasing costs in living. Reduce the charge to a manageable amount, like 4 x the standard crossing fee – you would have less debt collection, less paperwork to send out, less appeals and still a healthy profit in return, not to mention you are more likely to get payment if it is affordable. Ensure a system like the crossing system at the bridge is fully functional before you integrate it rather than giving people (your customers) a water weak excuse of why they are at fault.

I have received a PCN for a crossing allegedly made by me in a rental car. I do not have recollection of the date and time, however the PCN has the wrong make of car (Mercedes) but possibly the right number plate, I don’t collect rental car numbers as a hobby. I’m going to return it saying that I have not driven a Mercedes since I test drove one in 2004. I see no reason to pay a fine according to badly drafted paperwork, any judge would throw it out. My advice, scour your PCN for the slightest drafting fault before admitting anything and handing money over.

Having received several PCN’s for the crossing, when my disabled wife was in the vehicle, I have written to Dart Customer Services in Leeds. I have sent letters by ‘Signed for Post’ and printed out the delivery receipt with a staff members signature thereon. I have received no reply in the months following the letters. On trying to check on the vehicle through my Dart Account, for another vehicle, I have found that the I am unable to register the first car with the PCN’s because it comes up ‘This vehicle is already registered’ I believe in the ‘Disabled’ category. So much for their administration system!

I have just paid £107.50 for a crossing in Feb 2015 for which I have never received any notification. If I’d had a pcn I could have paid £2.50 as it was a first offence. I can’t appeal as its too late!

I have just received 2 PCN’s date on the letters 25th & 28th of April and they are for crossings on 15th and 16th Aug 2015!!!! They state I was sent a PCN on 25th Aug and 2nd Dec and not paid them so want £107. I did not receive them and would have paid, but more to the point why wait 8 months to chase me. I also have a dart account which had money it at the time and have the evidence to prove this so will be appealing.

Just got a fine in the post for £189.50 for each stage of a journey from some debt collecting agency. Nearly £400 for a return journey. I feel completely powerless in fighting this. I have had no warning or letters prior to this. HELP

I had one from Christmas and appealed as my account did have sufficient funds in. But not heard anything back for 6 weeks….anyone else know what happens next or what I should do?

As far as I can recall the toll charge was introduced to pay for the construction and it was said that when that target was reached it would be withdrawn. I think that has been well reached many, many times over and also enough money to maintain it for many, many years to come, who owns it who gets the profits? . I think it is time for people who use it every day to get to work ( I don`t use it only on a odd time ) to shout out loud about it if you do then good luck with it.