TfL gives details for £4bn Roads Modernisation Plan

Transport for London has released details of hundreds of projects which it’s undertaking as part of its Roads Modernisation Plan.

The projects aim to transform junctions, bridges, tunnels and public spaces. In some cases where plans are in the early stage of development, the dates are provisional and could change.

TfL says its approach is underpinned by enhancements to traffic light technology and systems that will increase its ability to dynamically manage London’s roads.  It adds that it will actively manage traffic flows away from and around locations where construction is taking place or space has been reallocated.

Transport for London says it aims to build a world-leading intelligent transport system through projects designed to radically improve living and travelling conditions through safer, greener and more attractive streets and town centres, and safer conditions for cyclists and pedestrians.

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Marcus Gibson

These are not ‘improvements’ in most cases – yet more traffic lights, creation of dozens of urban, empty ‘bleak-spaces’, elimination of hundreds of parking spaces for residents and visitors – at huge cost. Tfl is not, nor will it ever be ‘world leading’.

No truly civil city, eg Copenhagen, has narrowed the road network so drastically as Tfl – creating deadly junctions that are wonderful, at killing cyclists. Just ask Ken Livingstone. No wonder no other world city has followed Tfl’s example!