Speed cameras catch 700 drivers in two months

Around 700 drivers have been caught speeding in just two months by new ‘stealth’ speed cameras.

The cameras, which are positioned on the M25 and use digital technology, are designed to catch motorists breaking the 70mph speed limit.

They use front and rear-facing cameras to verify speed, and can scan four lanes at a time.

According to The Times, 668 drivers have received fines since the cameras were introduced last year. The majority (520) were for breaking the 70mph speed limit, while the remaining 148 penalties were issued to motorists exceeding the 40 to 60mph variable speed limit.

Critics have dubbed the devices ‘stealth cameras’, but a spokesman for the Highways Agency said: “There are clear signs where cameras are in place and the new cameras are more visible than the previous versions.”

The spokesman added: “Variable speed limits on smart motorways are primarily there to smooth traffic flow, reduce congestion and make journeys more reliable.

“Hundreds of thousands of motorists use this stretch of the M25 every day. The vast majority are sticking to the speed limits and are experiencing better journeys as a result of smart motorways.”


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