Second National Pothole Day to take place

The UK’s second National Pothole Day will take place on Friday (15 January 2016).

Website Street Repairs, which allows members of the public to quickly report street-level faults via their smartphone in real time, is behind the initiative.

Managing director Colin Mahoney said: “The reaction to the first National Pothole Day was overwhelming with the national press, Sky TV, ITV, BBC, all greeting its launch with enthusiasm. Reports of potholes increased dramatically with over 88% of reports now relating directly to potholes and increasing the awareness nationally of the seriousness of the problems and potential dangers relating to the disrepair of our roads.”

Street Repairs offers a free way for councils to engage with their constituents and action any defects which are reported in real time.

It was set up as a user friendly, geographically driven centralised forum for the public to report defects. Every report entered serves to highlight issues to local authorities that let their highways fall into disrepair.

Mahoney added: “National Pothole Day sees an enthusiastic response from the public keen to address the safety and financial issues involved. The highway authorities and their insurers are starting to sit up and take notice of Street Repairs. They have to! We are a force fighting for the public.”

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I am puzzled as to why highways authorities need the public to notify them of potholes (and other problems on our roads. OK, so if we see or experience one we should report it, but is there also not a moral responsibility upon Local Authority employees – sorry, Colleagues – to report them as soon as they notice them developing (or likely to develop)?
Particularly highways department employees who presumably might have more experience to notice them, as opposed to a finance department clerk/receptionist who may not be so alert to the problem. Just a thought.