Route One Highways carry out M6 works

Route One Highways has carried out specialist treatment on the M6 after being awarded a sub-contract from Cubby Construction.

Working over two Saturday nights Route One, working on the section between junction 32/33, prepared an exposed bridge deck by fine milling and then by enclosed/open blasted in readiness for the installation of the waterproofing and buried joints. The prepared surface was then primed and waterproofed before being resurfaced before a heavier volume of traffic hit on the Monday. On the second Weekend the Asphaltic plug joints were installed and the works completed.

Darryl Taylor, commercial manager at Route One Highways, said: “Working with Cubby Construction is a pleasure and a first for us. We have been privileged enough to be able to demonstrate to Cubby how we can be responsive and reactive during strict working schedules. We look forward to continuing to work on the M6 during the next phase of the works and helping Cubby fulfill their own contractual arrangements successfully.”

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The waterproofing of asphalt bridge decks by surfacing the whole area then coming back and cutting into that seamless overlay to install a buried joint has hardly changed in the last 40 years in the UK. It risks water getting down the side of the saw cuts and pulling away of 2 different modulus materials installed. The often short live span of these systems is testament to this.

While not always suited to very thin overlays as can be the case on the M6 the Dutch company Ooms has installed a number of Invisible Joint systems in The Netherlands which result in a seamless surfacing over a highly flexible and reinforced protection area to the movement joint.