Road workers encouraged to stay safe in the sun

Road workers are being encouraged to stay safe in the sun over the summer months as part of a new campaign launched by A-one+ this week.

UV beads and water bottles are being handed out to staff, many of whom work on road repair and improvement schemes across the 945 miles of motorway and A roads that A-one+ takes care of across the country. The measures will help them protect themselves against the sun and keep hydrated when they work in the outdoors. Sun protection cream is also being made available at depots and within company vehicles so that workers can guard against sun damage over the summer.

The UV beads are to be worn while working in the outdoors and help detect of increased UV (ultraviolet) light levels as they change colour. The changing colour alerts wearers to the increased rates of damaging light and the need to apply sunscreen. Fact sheets and posters are also being distributed to staff to raise awareness across the organisation.

Emma Hughes, who has been leading the initiative across A-one+, said: “We hope that our summer-long campaign will help employees become savvy to the risks of sun exposure and encourage them to protect themselves. While many people are aware of the dangers of being out in the sun, they might not necessarily think about protecting themselves against the sun during their normal working day. We aim to remind them of the dangers of over exposure to UV light in sunshine and help them stay safe and well. We often think that we are just in the UK and that it doesn’t get too hot. However, the UV rays are there and the UV beads enforces this message that even on cloudy days those rays that cause damage are still present.”


Pictured above (left to right): A-one+ launches a sun safety campaign for its workforce. Abnormal loads coordinator, Liz Walker, coordinator, Leanne Walker, and IDT project manager, Beth Newton.


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