Road repairs carried out in Essex

Essex County Council has issued a quarterly report which shows that it fixed more than 14,500 road defects in the last three months.

The figures show that there are currently under 500 outstanding defects on Priority 1 and 2 roads in Essex. Defects on Priority 1 roads stand at 224, while there are 258 on Priority 2 roads – a total of 482.

Outstanding defects on local roads have reduced over the past three months from 5,833 to 5,212, while 11,983 potholes were repaired on local roads during the same period.

A high number of repairs were carried out during the final quarter of the 2014/15 financial year – more than 14,500 across the three networks.

A total of 41,149 potholes and other defects have been repaired over the past twelve months.

An Essex County Council spokesperson said: “We are on track to reduce potholes on our local roads, having started a specific programme to do so last October, and good progress has been made since then. Our focus on maintaining local roads will continue alongside improving the condition of priority routes across the county.”


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