Residents (still) dissatisfied with council highway upkeep

Fewer than two in five residents are satisfied with road maintenance services by local authorities, new data from the Local Government Association (LGA) suggests.

In the latest in a series of regular reports on public satisfaction with council services, the LGA said road maintenance and pavement (footway) maintenance continue to have the highest levels of dissatisfaction.

Half of respondents (50%)  are ‘very dissatisfied’ or ‘fairly dissatisfied’ with road maintenance services, while the total fairly or very sastisfied  currently stands at 39%.

The LGA said satisfaction with road maintenance has also seen the highest level of variance. The lowest level recorded in its surveys is 38% while the highest was 48%, two years ago.

One in three (34%) of respondents were very or fairly dissatisfied with pavement maintenance in their area.

Just over half (54%) were satisfied with their council’s maintenance of pavements. The LGA said this is roughly the average level observed across all 17 polling surveys over five years (the lowest was 51% while the highest was 59%).

Despite the low sasisfaction rating, in general two thirds (66%) of respondents were satisfied with the way their local council runs things – a similar level to that observed over the last three years.

Of the six broad indicators used to measure resident satisfaction, the proportion of respondents who thought their council provides value for money lagged behind with 47% indicating agreement. The average across the whole sequence is 51%.

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