New safety improvements to be implemented on A1

A new scheme to improve safety along the A1 in Cambridgeshire is due to start next summer.

The scheme will see the introduction of a new 60mph speed limit, along with average speed cameras, between Buckden and Southoe.

David Abbott, Highways Agency asset manager, said: “We are aware that there have been concerns about safety along this stretch of road and we are very pleased to be have secured funding to make safety improvements here.

“The new speed limit and average speed cameras will cover the A1 between Buckden and 300 metres south of Lees Lane, Southoe. This will help to manage traffic flows along the A1 through the villages of Buckden, Diddington and Southoe and address recent safety concerns, especially at the Southoe bends. We will begin design work on the scheme shortly and expect it to be fully operational by summer 2014.”

Further information and detail will be issued as the scheme progresses.

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