New road marking surveying service from WJ

WJ has launched a new retroreflectometer surveying service for road markings.

The firm will use a ZDR 6020 retroreflectometer to measure retroreflectivity levels of all types of road markings.

It has been tested and certificated for the dynamic measurement of the coefficient of retroreflected luminance (night visibility RL) of road markings, independent of driving speed and provides the same measuring results as a static, portable retroreflectometer.

WJ will survey road markings at normal traffic speeds, providing an ideal method for covering extensive road networks including motorway and trunk road, whilst ensuring best practice in safety for the operator and other road users.

The measurement of the coefficient of retroreflected luminance RL can be carried out day or night due to the ambient light supervision built within the system.

The ZDR 6020 consists of a measuring head mounted on either side of the vehicle, a connection box and laptop with a separate display touch panel displaying the position of the marking.

The surveyor aligns the vehicle in such a way that the measuring area is always on the marking, continuously measuring retroreflectivity six metres in front of the head and the data is logged directly into the software file database.

Justin Fischbach, technical manager at WJ Products Bradford, said: “Our easy to understand reports which provide precision data and graphic displays are designed to support highway engineers monitoring the performance of road markings in line with the relevant requirements and recommendations of TD26/07.”


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