Major resurfacing programme taking place in Buckinghamshire

Transport for Buckinghamshire is carrying out a £25 million resurfacing programme on behalf of Buckinghamshire County Council.

The programme will incorporate over 220 schemes which will include both strategic routes and residential roads.

Treatment types have been determined by Transport for Buckinghamshire engineers, and will vary to meet the needs of each individual site.

Mike Freestone, director of transport services, said: “With a programme of this size, there will be unavoidable disruption on the network for which we apologise in advance, however we will ensure that we programme the most disruptive of the schemes during the school holidays. We will also carry out a significant amount of this work overnight which will help to minimise the effect of this programme on travelling public. A really important part of this year’s programme is that we have selected £10 million to be subject to market testing to better evaluate options for future works.”

Simon Dando, service director for Transport for Buckinghamshire, added: “This year we will be delivering the largest road surfacing programme since Transport for Buckinghamshire began in 2009 and we are delighted to be carrying out this work on behalf of the County Council. Please bear a thought for our gangs and contractors who will be working on the highway to make improvements for everyone. Unfortunately a minority of motorists are discourteous to our workforce, and even putting them in danger by driving at speed through traffic lights. Please give them the respect that they deserve whilst they carry out their important work.”

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