LED light scheme given go ahead in Northern Ireland

Up to 20,000 LED street lights will be installed at a cost of £6 million in Northern Ireland.

The first LED street light pilot project will be across Banbridge and Craigavon areas and aims to replace around 20,000 existing lights.

Regional Development Minister, Danny Kennedy (pictured), said: “Street lighting energy and maintenance costs are very significant, costing in excess of £13m every year for my Department. Over the last number of years, small pockets of LED street lighting have been introduced across Northern Ireland, such as the recent installation on the Knock dual carriageway.

“LED street lighting is relatively new technology and I now wish to trial it on a larger scale. There are considerable savings to be made in energy and maintenance costs from LED lighting. Units last longer and they consume less energy than conventional lanterns. Large sums of capital investment are required, however, immediate returns on running costs are achieved with a pay back on the investment in around eight years anticipated.

“Whilst our budget is under pressure, I have decided that we must not lose this opportunity to start introducing LED lights on a wider scale and the future cost savings it will bring.”

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