Hertfordshire street light upgrade to be completed

Hertfordshire County Council will complete its rollout of LED lighting on A-roads in Hertsmere.

Terry Douris (pictured), cabinet member for highways, said: “The conversion of our existing lights to this modern technology forms part of Hertfordshire County Council’s ongoing commitment to maintain and improve roads across the county and benefit all road users.

“The new LEDs have many advantages over the conventional street lights used currently. They use much less energy, improve visibility and can be controlled and monitored centrally, which reduces costs. This type of technology has only recently become affordable, so we are taking full advantage of lower prices now in order to upgrade lights on our busiest roads.”

The entire project across the county will cost £6.5 million and is expected to bring savings of around £660,000 every year from the end of 2015 onwards. The system allows for light levels to be reduced at night too, so between 11pm to 6am the level of light will be reduced by up to 25%.

The work is being carried out by Ringway.

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