Further safety cameras to go live on Forth Road Bridge

Additional safety cameras will go live at the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland tomorrow (Thursday 14 January).

The temporary average speed cameras will remain in operation until the end of works in December 2016. On the approach and throughout the roadworks, signs will advise drivers of the speed restrictions.

Last September average speed cameras went live to enforce a reduction in the speed limit to 40mph for northbound traffic on the A90. As announced at the time, this is now being expanded to include southbound traffic and extends from Admiralty to Scotstoun.

Transport Scotland roads and infrastructure manager, Steven Brown, said: “When switching on the northbound cameras last year we indicated that southbound average speed cameras would be installed for use when required. With the progress being made on the A90 road upgrade and the shifting focus of the work, operations are now within close proximity to live traffic travelling in both directions on the A90.

“This means it is now time to switch the average speed camera system on and enforce the reduction of the speed limit to 40mph both northbound and southbound in the area. The safety of our workforce and the travelling public is of paramount importance and the cameras will encourage a safe and steady flow of traffic through the works area.

“Our experience of major road upgrades has shown safety cameras are a reliable way to improve safety for both road users and construction workers. We have been impressed with the levels of compliance with the 40mph speed limit since it was introduced on the A90 northbound in September last year. The cameras will remain in place until the project is complete in December 2016.”

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