Saint- Gobain PAM UK

Lows Lane, Stanton by Dale, United Kingdom

Saint Gobain PAM UK is at the technological forefront in the manufacture of ductile iron access covers and gratings from its Holwell foundry near Melton Mowbray. With its focus on continuous improvement, the company combines its technical expertise, process control and innovative designs to offer the highest performing solutions to all of its stakeholders.

It is a major user of both primary and secondary waste materials in the manufacture of its products, with the finished product also being fully recyclable at the end of its life. This commitment to minimise its impact on the local and wider environment is evidenced by ISO 140001 certification and also by the Gold status award that Saint-Gobain PAM received under the CEMARS carbon measurement initiative.

With a focus on sustainability and reducing whole life costs, the company’s comprehensive product range includes innovative features to improve on the four key areas of durability, ease of installation, operator safety and asset security.


Using the results of research from Nottingham University, Saint-Gobain PAM developed its Load Transfer System (LTS), which is a standard feature on its core ranges to provide products that are strong, resilient and durable.


Recognising that durability is also affected by a product’s installation, Saint-Gobain PAM collaborates with the supply chain to ensure best practice is followed. It has for instance worked with another manufacturer to develop best practice installation techniques. More recently its own product development has seen the launch of the Install Plus frame levelling and installation system, which saves time and cost on site.

Working more widely with the industry, it has been instrumental in developing the Road Surface Treatment Association’s (RSTA) new Code of Practice for Ironworks Installation.


On-site safety is another critical factor considered with the company’s hinged access covers and gully grates minimising the risk of injury through static lifting of ironwork. Studies that have shown that using hinged solutions reduces the lifting effort by up to 50 percent.

More recently Saint-Gobain PAM has partnered with another manufacturer to explore the role of offsite manufacturing. This not only provides a factory assured quality controlled solution, but also removes much of the risk and health and safety issues found on site.


Issues such as vandalism or cable theft can be an issue in certain locations. To prevent this security locking can be provided using standard features such as a spring bar, or captive hinge, factory fitted security bolts and screws or by fitting a locking kit retrospectively.

Whether you require a standard solution or something bespoke, working with Saint-Gobain PAM ensures that your access covers and grating installations will have a long life with minimal maintenance. Get it right first time and save costs over the asset’s life.

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