Derby City Council carrying out repairs to ring road

Derby City Council is carrying out a reinstatement of a large section of the A5111 ring road.

The local authority is using Stirling Lloyd’s Safetrack Crack Infill to carry out repairs to a section of the ring road that had been getting progressively worse.

The existing hot rolled asphalt had been coming apart along the centre line and also in a series of transverse cracked areas, necessitating a total of over 4 linear kilometres of repairs.

Faced with the problem of fixing these cracked surface course materials while causing minimal disruption and achieving maximum value, Manny Kudhail, highways asset management technician at Derby City Council opted to trial a extrusion based joint repair system from Stirling Lloyd Polychem Ltd and LMS Highways. This system uses a specifically formulated version of Stirling Lloyd’s HAPAS-approved Safetrack Crack Infill, based on the company’s fast curing reactive resins, and applied using the equipment delivered and mounted on the LMS MMAX lorry.

Although this system can successfully apply up to 6km in one full night shift and is therefore more commonly used to fix long sections of trunk roads or motorways across the UK, Derby City Council’s repair requirements were for a series of shorter length road sections on the ring road.

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