Correct speed signing ‘critical to tackling crash deaths’

To coincide with Road Safety Week, technology company 3M has reminded local authorities of the importance of correct sign specification in encouraging drivers not to speed.

This year’s event, co-ordinated by road safety charity Brake, runs from 20 to 26 November with the theme ‘Speed Down Save Lives’.

3M said it supports this message, particularly as police recorded ‘exceeding the speed limit’ or ‘travelling too fast for conditions’ as a contributory factor in almost a quarter of all fatal crashes in 2016, according to the Department for Transport’s latest figures.

However, it added that councils also had a crucial role to play in helping to reduce speeding, by ensuring their specifiers (purchasers) know how to select appropriate traffic signs and other road infrastructure.

Technical specialist Andy Fish said: ‘3M fully supports the message of this year’s Road Safety Week theme, as speeding is unfortunately still a major problem in the UK.

‘However, for motorists to obey speed limits, they must first know what these are. This is one reason it is critical that signs are correctly specified to meet all drivers’ needs, ensuring they are conspicuous, legible, comprehensible and credible at all times.

‘Local authorities have strict budgets to stick to, so it is particularly important to understand when high-performance material is and isn’t required. This can depend on everything from the sign’s placement to whether or not it is aimed towards Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) drivers.

‘For this reason, 3M has developed a wealth of information to help specifiers, based on our many years’ worth of experience developing innovative solutions for this industry. All this information, which includes videos from our popular Lunchtime Learning Series of webinars, is available online free of charge.’

3M’s various webinars are available to watch through the company’s UK & Ireland YouTube account.


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