CILT publish Vision 2035 infographic

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), a leading professional body in the logistics and transport sector, has published an infographic that shows a projected 33% increase in road travel by 2035.

Vision2035_infographicThe CILT has published a digestible and visually representative infographic that details the findings of its Vision 2035 policy series.

The purpose of the Vision 2035 series is to look to the future and visualise how transport and logistics in Britain would develop, taking account of demographic changes, population growth, technological developments and social and political change.

The Institute’s first report, Vision 2035, was published in September 2011. The series is an ongoing project and is a starting point for continuing work on likely future changes and the development of more detailed ideas on how best to meet the likely demands on logistics and the transport system.

The infographic displays key findings from the Institute’s initial report Vision 2035, UK Freight Planning to 2035, The Future of Aviation and the most recently published A Vision for Transport Planning.

Some of the key findings of the Institute’s Vision 2035 series detailed in the attached infographic include:

  • Projected 33% increase in road travel, 84% in rail freight and 180% in sea freight
  • Energy demand will increase by 30-40% by 2030
  • Steady trend of economic growth and rising population
  • Aviation growth identified as a key component to the economy
  • Average number of trips per person is falling
  • By 2035 an extra 10 million people will be resident in the UK.

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