CCTV camera car launched in Cardiff

A CCTV camera car costing £40,000 will be used to catch motorists who park illegally and ignore traffic regulations in Cardiff, Wales.

The car fitted with a rooftop CCTV and automatic number plate recognition technology will be patrolling the streets of the capital seven days a week between 7am and 10pm. Specific emphasis will be placed on illegal parking around schools in order to improve road safety and change driving habits in Cardiff.

Motorists observed by the camera car parking on zig-zag areas near schools, using bus lanes illegally or caught stationary in restricted areas will receive warning notices for the first two weeks of the scheme. Following this, fixed penalty charges will be issued to offenders.

Councillor Ramesh Patel, cabinet member for transport, planning and sustainability, said: “This new camera car will increase the efficiency of parking enforcement and moving traffic offences. Those who park illegally and breach the Highway Code are putting other road users at risk and their behaviour isn’t acceptable. I have made it clear that I want the team to concentrate on illegal parking around schools, but it will also be used to monitor other contraventions.

“In the future, the car also has the capability to be used to catch those who flout the pay and display charges and commuters who chose to park in allocated residential areas.”

The City of Cardiff Council launched the enforcement car scheme on 3 June. The car has the City of Cardiff Council logo, camera signs and ‘Enforcement’, written in Welsh and English, on all sides of the car.

Councillor Patel continued: “The car is clearly visible and visitors, commuters and residents are being given advanced notice that it will be patrolling the streets of Cardiff shortly.”

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