A-one+ celebrates five million hours of safe working

A-one+, a leading service provider for Highways England, is celebrating a safety landmark after the company reached five million working hours without one reportable accident.

The firm, which is a CH2M, Colas and Costain joint venture, maintains and improves one of the busiest networks in the UK on behalf of Highways England. Its employees cover 945 miles of motorways and trunk roads spanning the country from the North East through Yorkshire, Humberside and the East Midlands to Bedfordshire.

Managing director Andy Jamieson (pictured) said: “This is a great achievement as we operate within a high risk environment. Very few construction projects achieve one million hours without a reportable accident let alone five million. This can only be achieved through engagement and having the right behaviour culture by all involved on each project, including the supply chain and with full commitment of our client Highways England.”

A-one+ has a comprehensive safety programme in place to protect its workers, who work around the clock to complete hundreds of schemes each year in addition to thousands of maintenance programmes.

Safety initiatives include:


  • Development of award winning safety systems


  • Installing CCTV on traffic management vehicles


  • Zero live lane crossings for traffic management installation


  • Managing director delegated authority to each member of staff to stop activities if they feel they are unsafe


  • Taking an industry lead to support Highways England and to work on trials, such as innovative taper, simplified traffic management and removal of road lamps


  • Video analysis of traffic management layouts to improve designs


  • Full review of dual and single vehicle working for the installation and removal of temporary traffic management.


A-one+, which has a supply chain of more than 100 companies, are to mark the safety achievement in June with an event at its Tingley Depot in Leeds.

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