Delay warning for motorists in Scotland

Motorists in Scotland have been warned to expect significant delays on sections of the M74 and the M8 as work ramps up on a £500 million project.

The hold-ups are likely on the northbound and southbound of the M74 between junction 2A and junction 6, and a M8 stretch of the M8 from junction 10 to junction 8 due to.

Graeme Reid, project manager for scheme, said: “Whilst we’re doing everything we can to minimise the disruption, delays will be inevitable, so we’re asking motorists to check the Transport Scotland and Traffic Scotland websites for updates on these key routes, to plan their journeys in advance and to look at taking an alternative route if possible.”

On completion, the work, which is being carried out by the Scottish Roads Partnership comprising Ferrovial Agroman and Lagan, is expected to reduce the commute daily from Glasgow to Edinburgh by 20 minutes.

The scope of the project was recently revealed through footage from a drone, which showed how a 5-km stretch of pedestrian and cycle ways is taking shape.

“This drone footage provides the public with a unique perspective of these major construction works that are currently under way to improve the connection between Glasgow and Edinburgh, but are largely out of sight to road users on the existing A8,” said Scotland’s transport minister Humza Yousaf.

“The significant progress achieved is clear to see, and, as we enter the final phase of works along the A8 corridor, I hope the public can be reassured that, once complete, the benefits will far outweigh the current disruption.”


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