New ORR business plan to focus on Highways England

Office of Road & Rail will focus on monitoring Highways England progress over the next 12 months after the ORR published its 2016/17 business plan.

The ORR says its 2016/17 Business Plan is focused on six areas: “a safer railway, better customer service, value for money, better highways, a dynamic and commercially sustainable sector, and high performing regulation.”

ORR chief executive officer Joanna Whittington says: “Structural and funding changes shaping both the rail and road networks mean that a high performing regulator is more vital than ever.

“We are continually developing our professional expertise to ensure maximum, positive impact. Working across rail and road in a joined up manner is also supporting us in developing and applying proportionate, risk-based regulation.”

On highways, the ORR say on roads its role will be monitoring Highways England’s five-year £15 billion investment plan and whether targets such as 40% reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured by 2020 is achieved.

Other areas to be monitored by the ORR include whether a road user satisfaction score of 90% by March 2017 is achieved and progress in other areas.

These include the clearing of 85% of incidents within an hour and whether the £1.2 billion cuts in capital expenditure have been made.


No mention of the ORR monitoring Highways England’s statutory duty to ensure the motorways are kept clear of litter