Suppliers invited to find out more about new HE contract model

Highways England (HE) will be holding a series of industry briefing events to provide an overview of the replacement contracts for the Area 7 managing agent contract.

Earlier this year Highways England announced that is was planning to change the way it works with its supply chain in Area 7 (East Midlands), after deciding to separate the way it manages and runs the design, routine maintenance and construction work carried out on the network in this locality.

At the time a spokesman denied that it was abandoning asset support contracts (ASCs) all together, but added: “At the same time we recognise we need to take more ownership of investment decisions and increase our intelligence on local factors that influence where work is most needed. This will also help drive down cost; remove waste and provide the best possible value for money for taxpayers.

“We have an opportunity to do that where a contract is coming to the end of its term in the East Midlands, and so we will review the way that we work with our supply chain there to deliver maintenance and small improvements by separating how we manage and run design, routine maintenance and construction.”

Area 7 broadly comprises routes within Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, part of Warwickshire, Rutland and part of Oxfordshire.

Replacement contracts are broadly defined as:

Maintenance and Response Contract: Routine highway maintenance work; defect repairs, emergency incident response; delivering a severe weather service; and other similar duties;
Capital Delivery (works) Contract: Civil engineering works including earthworks; fencing, landscaping; road restraints; drainage and ducts; pavements, kerbs, footways, paved areas; traffic signs and markings; road lighting and electrical work for lighting; structures – piling and retention walls and structural concrete; waterproofing; painting; and any other similar duties;
Design Contract: Preparing technical designs and undertaking supporting work for capital projects from an initial brief stage to as-built details including project enabling tasks and other similar duties;
Specialist Support Services Contracts: May include but not limited to, technical surveys; laboratory testing; road safety audits, principle inspections, meteorlogical forecasting.

Suppliers who are interested in tendering for these contracts are strongly advised to attend the briefings to familiarise themselves with the changes.
The events will take place on 2 and 3 June and 13 July. The venue will be confirmed but will be within the Area 7 East Midlands region.
Companies wishing to attend should register their interest with Keith Mason (01216788398) or Kaneez Mughal (01216788391). Alternatively you can email Please provide contact details of up to two individuals.

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