New TV series to focus on traffic officers

The work needed to keep England’s traffic moving in the depths of winter is about to be acknowledged in a new television series.

Three traffic officers from the North West, Jason Williamson (above, left), Mike Caffrey (above, right) and Barry Connolly, will be the stars of a new Channel 5 series called Winter Road Rescue.

Mr Williamson, 48, from Macclesfield, who has been a traffic officer for seven years, says: “I was pleased that we were asked to get involved with Winter Road Rescue as we were able to show some of the work we do to keep the roads moving.

“Drivers often only see us when we’ve finished dealing with an incident and the road’s reopened. They don’t see us helping drivers, moving badly-damaged vehicles or clearing up spillages that would otherwise cause hours of delays, so I hope some of that comes across in the programme.”

The series includes several shifts with Highways England traffic officers this winter, following the incidents they respond to on some of the England’s busiest stretches of motorway.

Highways England has over 1,000 traffic officers who respond to over 200,000 incidents every year. The three officers featured are based at Highways England’s North West regional control centre in Newton-le-Willows, which also features in the series.


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