Motorists “overwhelmingly support new cycle lanes” – survey

80% of motorists are in favour of new cycle lanes being built in London, according to a new survey which also suggests seven out of ten drivers “aren’t particularly bothered” by cyclists on the road. quotes the Servicing Stop study which sampled more than 1,300 motorists.

Almost a third (31%) said that new cycle lanes on existing roads would make the road safer, while another 31% said they would encourage more people to cycle.  Just  7% felt that the new lanes were completely unnecessary, while 13% said they cause too much congestion.

CEO and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond, told the website, “The new cycle lanes have divided public opinion since work started at the end of last year. They have cost a great deal of public money and while we cannot yet tell if they will have an affect on the number of road traffic accidents involving cyclists, if motorists are behind the plan then at least both sets of road users will be driving harmoniously.”

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