Nissen UK Ltd


Nissen UK Limited is a subsidiary of Adolf Nissen Elektrobau GmbH + Co.KG which is located in Tönning, (north of) Germany. Adolf Nissen Elektrobau was founded in 1914 and have been serving the road safety needs for over 60 years.

Nissen has a vast range of products which include:

o Road Safety Lamps for traffic cones

• ConiLamp

• MonoSignLight

o Sequential Lamps / Lights

• TaperLamps

• Synchros

o Light Arrows for IPVs and TM vehicles

• LP8000

• LP13

o High Intensity Warning Lamps

• MultiLight

o Variable Message Signs (VMS)

• VarioSign for vehicle / trailer mount and ROTTMS applications

• WeNiPol – roof mountable

o Safety Barriers

• Plastic Pro- barrier for pedestrians and slip road closures

o Portable Traffic Lights

• LZA500- UK

• LZA 500-PED

o Batteries

• Premium 800

• Air Alkaline

o Emergency Blue Services

• Start Flash 627

• Star Flash 610

• Synchros

All products in the UIK are supplied according to the BS & EN norms with relevant Type Approvals and Signs Authorisations


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