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Highway Care’s Mobile Traffic Products division has been ENGINEERING YOUR SAFETY for over 30 years. We introduced the Light Arrow in 1995, and further developed this with the first Vertical Lift Light Arrow in 2002. At the request of Highways England, we designed the first cost effective Red ‘X’ Light Arrow in 2004; with over 750 trusted and reliable Highway Care Light Arrows issued into the market since development. Our recently revised Red ‘X’ obtained authorisation in 2017, consisting of a new dual coloured lamp using the latest LED technology, which is integrated with a reliable lower prism sign and the UK’s most popular crash cushion; Safe Stop 90 HD.

Highway Care’s Road Barrier Products division is a leading provider of Vehicle Restraint Systems (VRS). Our portable steel barrier, BarrierGuard 800 was developed in the late 90's, it is rigorously tested to meet the highest demands throughout the world and has the highest performance levels of any portable steel barrier, achieving EN1317 -N2, H2 and NCHRP 350 TL-3 and TL4, and MASH TL-3 criteria.

As the first to introduce the Road Zipper (formerly QuickChange Moveable Barrier) to the UK in the early 1990’s, we have been the only provider of this reliable and innovative system for over 20 years. The Road Zipper is a unique barrier, providing immense opportunities to contractors involved in major highway reconstruction and road widening schemes. The system comprises a linked “chain” of concrete barrier sections, which can be raised slightly from the road surface and moved across the carriageway by a self-propelled Transfer Vehicle.

As part of our portfolio, we also supply a range of P4 End Terminals, Gates and Crash Cushions, that can be adapted for use at permanent locations and also as a temporary systems in addition to portable steel barrier.

SoSec Highways Access Gate is the latest addition to our product portfolio, It is the first solar powered barrier access gate that is a truly mobile solution for highways application for temporary site and works access. The barrier can be deployed quickly to provide instant security; improving site safety by limiting access and preventing unauthorised work site incursions.

Highway Care continuously strives to develop new and existing road safety products, which perform to the highest testing standards in the world. We are proud to design and develop products to meet customers’ specific requirements; offering flexibility, extensive industry expertise and excellent customer service.

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