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SHIMPAC® Systems – ROADSHIM® PLANKS: fast, simple effective street ironwork seating and levelling.

The industry standard for fast, simple and cost effective ironwork seating and levelling; SHIMPAC® ROADSHIM® planks have a highly successful track record for seating ironwork, communications equipment, inspection covers and many more similar applications.

Complies with Highways Authority Standard HA104/09 ch.6&7
Whole life solution
30 years with no recorded failures
Cost effective and easy to use
Virtually no remedial work
Very high compression resistance
Exceptional lateral strength and sheer resistance
Unique ironwork levelling capability
Can be used to repair and finish broken and damaged chamber tops.

The cost of incorrect ironwork seating and levelling and the cost of compensation claims from pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike for injury and damage from failed ironwork is over £17.9 million throughout England and Wales.
Local authorities and civil engineers have little alternative but to use smarter and more cost effective solutions to avoid ironwork collapse and damage to the surrounding highway or pavement. The solution to ironwork seating and chamber top breakdown lies in what the ironwork sits on rather than what surrounds it.
SHIMPAC® ironwork seating systems, with a long established track record for fast installation, are low cost and can yield substantial savings. Since the first installation of SHIMPAC® Systems ROADSHIM® planks in 1984 there have been no reported failures.
SHIMPAC® Systems ROADSHIM® planks are widely known for their ability to solve the problems of both new and remedial ironwork seating and levelling.
Overcoming the severe limitations of using mortar on its own, SHIMPAC® Systems ROADSHIM® planks, bonded with high strength fast setting mortar, create a compression resistant lintel securing chamber tops and providing the strongest of platforms for ironwork, handling extreme weather and heavy road use, ensuring ironwork installations last years without further attention.
SHIMPAC® Systems ROADSHIM® planks are quick and easy to install, can be adjusted to size on site without the need for specialist tools. The product range comes in various thicknesses, allowing the contractor to build up the area beneath the frame
to achieve the correct height and level. Designed specifically to secure the chamber top and provide a platform to bed and level any ironwork to exactly the right height and angle.
SHIMPAC® Systems ROADSHIM® planks are approved for use by councils, utility companies, highway and transport authorities and civil engineers.

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