Clearview Intelligence


Clearview Intelligence delivers innovative solutions that harness intelligence, inform decisions and influence behaviour, helping people make better journeys.

Solutions that:
– Improve journey predictability
– Enhance safety
– Transform behaviour
– Reduce congestion
– Optimise parking

Intelligent solutions that combine first-class sensing technology, innovative solar powered LED delineation studs, a powerful data intelligence and analytics platform (Insight™) and unrivalled ongoing service & support.

We work with clients and partners across many industry sectors including highways agencies, DBFO companies, local authorities, rail operators, corporate head offices, retail centres and owners.

Every Clearview Intelligence solution is tailored to the needs of the individual customer. We carefully select and configure each element and its accompanying services to give you the right levels of performance, reliability and accuracy to meet the various challenges posed by local environments and your expectations.

Applications that we can help with, include:
– Traffic Flow Monitoring
– Journey Time Monitoring
– Wireless Vehicle Detection
– Parking Optimisation
– All-Weather Lane Marking
– Dynamic Lane Marking
– Cycle Detection
– Pathway Guidance
– Cross Walk Marking
– Level Crossing Safety
– Tunnel Lane Marking
– Ramp Metering

Whether a solution is temporary or a permanent installation, we work with you to guide and recommend the appropriate steps to take to safeguard the operational life of the solution and offer you peace of mind. Options range from providing simple technical support or additional warranty cover, to ad hoc or regular analysis and reporting, to comprehensive fully managed service options including regular scheduled maintenance.

Timely delivery of up-to-date data is the lifeblood of many organisations, from local authority highways departments to parking operators. Data informs decisions that keep operations running smoothly, minimising disruption to network users and businesses.

The role of that intelligence can be critical. Monitoring functions earn their money when reliable, actionable insight is available at the right time, making a real difference.

Together with our partners and clients, we’re making journeys work.

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