Asset International VRS

Bilston WV14 0QL, United Kingdom

ASSET International VRS, a division of Hill and SmithLtd, is the ‘vehicle restraint systems’ division of the business that was established in 1998 to provide ASSET VARIOGUARD® temporary safety barriers to the highways sector.

The lowest deflecting portable steel temporary highway barrier in the world. Tested to EN1317 smf accepted by Highways England as well as US standards NCHRP 350, MASH 08, Federal Highway Administration accepted to TL-4 and Test level (TL)-3
and TL4.
Permanent Zoneguard® can be designed to allow access to manholes and ducts with site specific designed and built barriers. Transitions from Zoneguard® to open box beam, both single and double sided, have been tested and approved by Highways England.

Temporary Varioguard® is the leading highway safety barrier system on the UK market. The EN1317 tested and approved steel product features Quick-Joints for rapid installation. The barrier offers unique energy absorbing features and enables
rapid installation at very competitive rates from the huge and strategically located rental pool.

The Multi Application Safety System Barrier, consists of Hot dipped galvanized fencing and highly visible powder coated base units. M.A.S.S. Barrier links together with vertical pins and various top sections can be added as specific jobs demand. Mass1 has been fully tested to T2 W5 providing protection to workforce, vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

Quadguard Crash Cushions
The QUADGUARDTM CEN system from ASSET International is designed to protect motorists in vehicles up to 1,500kg, from roadside hazards as narrow as 610mm and as wide as 2,285mm, The system has been tested in Europe as a re-directive crash
cushion to the maximum 110km/h using EN1317-3 criteria. To fully comply with the definition of a System Type tested crash cushion, the QUADGUARDTM CEN has been further tested at 100km/h, 80km/h, and 50km/h.

Vecu-stop Crash Cushions
The progressive concept of ASSET International’s VECU-STOP® crash cushion system is based on more than 40 years of experience in designing road restraint systems. The full “family” of tests, as detailed in EN1317 part 3, has been successfully completed and approved. EN1317 approved to performance class 110km/h. VECU-STOP® models can accommodate many different layouts, whether parallel or tapered in design.
VECU-STOP® crash cushions are also available for use on approach ends of VARIOGUARD® or ZONEGUARD® when space is limited, or when the approach flare cannot be accommodated due to site constraints. This system enhances driver safety in the event of impact.

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