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With over 20 years’ experience of working in high pressure environments and short duration closures Allied Infrastructure are able to offer complete solutions to preserve, protect, maintain and restore your infrastructure assets.

Allied Infrastructure is a multi-disciplined specialist contractor working predominantly in the highways, airports and defence sectors. The asset life extending solutions we provide are fully approved to either HAPAS or EN/BS standards, and are quick to install and fast to cure.

Protection/life extension
– Asphalt preservation – RHiNOPHALT is used to extend pavement life of car parks, roads and taxiways – in fact any asphalt surface. This treatment is best used when surfacing is in a good condition, but can be equally effective as a short-term life extending measure. This quick process protects the surfacing binder, seals in aggregate and fines and reduces the effects of oxidisation and weathering. It is a cost effective process with minimal downtime.

Repair solutions
Asphalt surface repairs can be carried out using HAPAS approved Ultra-Band fill and over-band material and Ultra-Screed for patching and treating of open joints
Full depth asphalt and concrete repairs with HAPAS approved Maxi-Crete 20, 40 / Maxi-Crete F20, F40 providing a durable, strong but slightly flexible repair. Suitable for pothole and patching repairs on the motorway/high speed network
Joint sealing using N1/N2 joint sealant
Inlaid joint repairs using Maxi-Crete which is very effective for failing joints on motorways/highways
Concrete bay replacements – we are able to undertake concrete bay replacement works utilising rapid set concretes allowing early life strength gain and early opening of the carriageway
Ironwork reinstatements – using the Iron-Guard HAPAS approved system. Iron-Guard is a revolutionary polymer based 100% on-site repair system. The voidless repair requires no compaction but provides a strong yet flexible repair which will not crack like conventional repairs.

We pride ourselves on service and are committed to delivering the best.

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