Blakedale adds multi-camera system to safety vehicles

Blakedale has reinforced its commitment to road safety by installing a fully recordable multi-camera system as standard to all new 7.5 tonne traffic management and 18 tonne crash cushion (impact protection) vehicles. 

The company’s new multi-camera system consists of up to five infrared CCTV cameras, which cover virtually every angle of the vehicle – rear and forward facing, near side blind spot area, and downward view of the working area. All camera views are displayed on a cab-mounted monitor with integrated Hard Disk Recording (HDR) system.

All Blakedale Crash Cushion Vehicles are also equipped with side-scan CCTV cameras, driver audible alerts and vehicle manoeuvring warning alarms to improve driver visibility, while reducing the risk of collisions with cyclists and other vulnerable road users.

Richard Smith, joint managing director of Blakedale, said: “Our new multi-camera system reduces the risks of collisions with our vehicles even further by eliminating any blind spots and enabling crash cushion drivers to see oncoming traffic from all directions.”

Blakedale Crash Cushion Vehicle *BlakedaleOptional live-stream software also enables Blakedale customers to track and monitor the progress of multiple vehicles via an online app on their computer or mobile device. As well as providing accurate arrival time estimates, this helps fleet managers to ensure their crews are working safely and that they are wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

A further benefit of Blakedale’s new multi-camera system is that it provides high definition quality evidence of any accidents, incidents or near misses that occur around the vehicle or working area as all footage is saved for 30 days. This improves operator safety and training, and protects drivers against any false insurance claims.

“In today’s compensation culture, the ability to prove which party is responsible for an accident involving one of our vehicles is a major advantage for both us and our customers,” adds Smith.


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