Highways authorities urged to adopt new and emerging technologies

All highways authorities should consider adopting new and emerging technologies according to a new code of practice for managing the nation’s highways infrastructure.

Published on October 28 by the UK Roads Liaison Group, ‘Well-managed Highway Infrastructure’ replaces previous guidance, including ‘Well-maintained Highways, ‘Management of Highway Structures’ and ‘Well-lit Highways’.

Andrew Jepp, Managing Director of Zurich Municipal, said: “The revised code’s evidence-led, risk-based approach reflects the advice that we’ve been giving to our clients for several years: highway authorities need to develop and adopt a risk-based approach to managing their highway assets and liabilities.

“The new code is no longer prescriptive and there is no specific guidance or recommendations on hierarchal inspection frequencies, intervention levels or maintenance response times. While this may appear daunting at first, the wider industry, including insurers, will be on hand to advise on risk and best practice. This is a good opportunity for local authorities to review and improve their highway management.

“Local authorities should take full advantage of the two-year transitional period, reviewing and if necessary adapting their procedures.”

The new code recognises there are differences in approach in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, which are not always detailed in the Code, but general principles are set out.

This Code of Practice is not statutory but provides highway authorities with guidance on highways management and adoption of the recommendations is up to each authority based on their own legal interpretation, risks, needs and priorities.

The code can be download here. http://www.ukroadsliaisongroup.org/en/utilities/document-summary.cfm?docid=4F93BA10-D3B0-4222-827A8C48401B26AC


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