100th Jenoptic average speed camera system goes live in Lancs


An 8km stretch of rural road in Lancashire with a significant collision and casualty history is the hundredth route to benefit from of Jenoptik’s SPECS average speed enforcement cameras.

SPECS3 VECTOR cameras are now operational on the B6232 Grane Road between Junction 5 of the M65 near Belthorn and the A56 at Haslingden.

Highly conspicuous, passively safe columns supported by ‘Average Speed Check’ signs have been used throughout the route to ensure that drivers are aware that their average speed is being monitored.  In addition, VECTOR IR (Infra-Red) floodlighting provides clear night time images, even where there is no visible street lighting.

Grane Road is the hundredth UK permanent SPECS installation, but since the contract was awarded in January 2017, Jenoptik has been awarded contracts for a further 20 new SPECS3 VECTOR sites.

Geoff Collins from Jenoptik Traffic Solutions explaining why average speed cameras are used and how they work.

Lancashire’s police and crime commissioner, Clive Grunshaw, said: ‘Evidence shows that speeding is a major factor in road deaths and serious collisions, with careless drivers putting their own lives and the lives of others at risk.

‘These cameras on Grane Road will, like the others being placed across the county, make Lancashire’s roads safer, help to save lives and prevent further victims from receiving life changing injuries.’

Under a single contract, the Lancashire Road Safety Partnership eight individual routes are being fitted with cameras, covering over 45km of road – one of the most significant casualty reduction projects in the country.

The firm said SPECS cameras positively influence driver behaviour and ensure that motorists comply with the speed limits on roads, resulting in a safer environment for all road users, smoother traffic flows, an improved environment and greater acceptance from the travelling public.

At the weekend, data obtained by the Press Association suggested that only around half of fixed speed cameras on British roads are switched on.




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